THT-EX donates 100 sets of AED

THT-EX dedicates to charity activities at all time and share our limited resource to the places needed. This time we donated 100 sets of AED to Maioli county, east of Taiwan and hope to enchance the first aid ability of this area.

THT-EX once again donated AED to east of Taiwan

THT-EX donated again another 50 sets of AED to the schools in east of Taiwan. Hope it will help to secure the first AID system functions well in these far away locations.

THT-EX cares about elders' health

THT-EX always cares about elders' health. We've recently supported an organization with free drum and training expense for elder people to learn playing drum. We wish that through the training, elder people could have fun and keep health as playing drum is also a sort of excerise.

L1102 is IIC approved

After intensive development, THT-EX Explosion-proof LED Lighting model No. L1102 finally achieved the highest Explosion-proof standard IIC and was granted approval from TUV. The approved products can be used in hazardous environment where contains of Hydrogen and Ethane. This lighting has also received UL Class 1 Division1 (C1D1) approval, the highest level among all standards.

Respect to elderly people

THT-EX is in its 6th of helding the banquet for elderly people; this is our way to show respect to them. It is always great to see the smile from elderly people and that encourges us to continuous held this event. It is our sincere wish that all the elderly people could live their life happliy and healthly.

Business Operation Practical Lecture

National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) will hold "Business Operation Practical Lecture“ at 8:30 AM on 22nd Oct.. Three of the alumni will share their operation experience in this free lecture. This is a course that you should not miss. This lecture course is sponsored by THT-EX; anyone who interested in the themes is welcome to join. Date: 22nd Oct., 2016 Time: 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM Location: Hongyu Research Building, NTUT Theme 1: Experience pass on, innovation, contribution - new industry era prospect (9:30 - 10:05) Theme 2: Experience sharing and encourge professors and alumni to create new business entity. (10:25 - 11:00) Theme 3: Global view (11:00 - 11:35)

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