New Product─Explosion-proof IP Camera

As a start of 2018, we launch the newest products─Explosion-proof IP Camera. You can get the real time image of your working environment from the explosion-proof IP camera which would provide a safer in workplace. There is also a combination of lighting and IP camera available, and the lighting can be turned off if required. All of explosion-proof products were granted related certification, which can be used in hazardous locations. There are 3 models of the same series, please refer to our website for more information. C1203- Explosion-proof IP Camera (CNS was granted) L1704C- Explosion-proof LED Light with IP Camera (CNS was granted) L1102 with IP camera- Explosion-proof LED Light with IP

Model No. L1102 and L1319 were granted CML approval

Two of THT-EX’s Explosion-proof LED Lightings, model No. L1102 and L1319 were officially granted CML approval in Japan and are the only certified AC IN Explosion-proof LED Lightings from Taiwan. These two products were also granted multi-national certifications include UL C1D1, IECEX, and ATEX; besides of Japanese CML approval, which can provide a safer illumination to your factory. We care about your safety! L1102Product details L1319Product details

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